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5139 SeBreeze® 3000 Series Citrus Breeze Fragrance Aerosol Canister


Lowest cost per spray in the industry... As low as $2.69 per month!

  • Effective odor control for continuous customer satisfaction.
  • Proprietary odor neutralizing technology for odor elimination.
  • Customer preferred, clean, fresh fragrances.
  • Meets State of California less than 30% VOC requirements.
  • Effective coverage of up to 6,000 cubic feet.

Citrus Breeze Fragrance Aerosol FG5139000000

SKU: 086876146226

    Carton Cube: 0.34 ft3 0.01 m3
    Ship Weight/Carton: 9 lb 4.08 kg


    Pack Quantity: 12
    Cartons Per Pallet: 108
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