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3963 Plaza® Container with Tray Top. 50 GAL, BLACK



The Plaza®Container with Tray Top offers contemporary styling with a side-opening door for "no lift" waste removal. The added tray top allows patrons to stack food trays and other items on top of the container to keep facilities organized. Ergonomic design coupled with high-quality craftsmanship ensures containers get the job done safely and efficiently.


Features and Benefits:

  • Contemporary styling to match any facility aesthetic
  • Side-open doors reduce lifting and back strain
  • Spring-loaded doors conceals contents, traps odors, and prevents pest intrusion
  • Includes bolt-down capability
  • Features a tray top for multipurpose usage including stacking 15" x 20" trays
  • Rigid liner not included (FG356300)
  • Made in the USA

Rubbermaid FG396300 PLAZA® CONTAINER W Tray Top, 50 GAL, BLACK

SKU: 086876156409

    Product Length 24.75 in 62.87 cm
    Product Width 25.25 in 64.14 cm
    Product Height 43.00 in 109.22 cm
    Product Weight 81.00 lb 36.74 kg
    UPC 00086876156409  
    Case Pack Length 25.00 in 63.50 cm
    Case Pack Width 43.50 in 110.49 cm
    Case Pack Height 16.13 in 40.96 cm
    Case Pack Weight 76.40 lb 34.65 kg
    Case Pack Quantity 1  
    UCC 00086876156409  
    Packaging Length 24.75 in 62.87 cm
    Packaging Width 25.25 in 64.14 cm
    Packaging Height 43.00 in 109.22 cm
    Capacity 50.00 gal  
    Material Type Resin  
    Country of Origin USA
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