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Slim Jim® Bottle and Can Recycling Top for Slim Jim® Containers



Slim Jim® Recycling Lids facilitate waste and recycling sortation with interchangeable, color-coded tops. The restrictive lid shapes ensure the right recyclables get into the right bins. Improving recycling effectiveness has a positive environmental impact, helps facilities achieve sustainability initiatives, and can lead to cost savings.


Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive recycling lids with color-coding options ensure recyclables get into the right bins
  • Lids are available with the following lid openings: Open top, Bottles/Cans, Paper, and Mixed Recycling
  • Fits 16 Gal and 32 Gal Slim Jim® Containers
  • Lid material is made of polypropylene
  • Use Waste Stream Label Kit Version F (2018391) to ensure waste sortation accuracy
  • Visually defined waste streams enable easy recycling

Rubbermaid FG269288 Bottle and Can Recycling Top for Slim Jim® Containers

SKU: 00086876203639

    Product Length 20.40 in 51.82 cm
    Product Width 11.30 in 28.70 cm
    Product Height 2.80 in 7.11 cm
    Product Weight 0.80 lb 0.36 kg
    UPC 00086876203639  
    Case Pack Length 12.01 in 30.50 cm
    Case Pack Width 21.14 in 53.70 cm
    Case Pack Height 5.24 in 13.30 cm
    Case Pack Weight 4.08 lb 1.85 kg
    Case Pack Quantity 4  
    UCC 00086876203639  
    Packaging Length 20.13 in 51.12 cm
    Packaging Width 11.50 in 29.21 cm
    Packaging Height 6.25 in 15.88 cm
    Packaging Weight 0.00 lb 0.00 kg
    Color Yellow  
    Material Type Resin  
    Country of Origin USA
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