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Mercury Recovery Vacuum System

- MRS 4 Wet Only - For recovery of mercury immersed in water - 15 Gallon Stainless ULPA Filter 115V 50/60Hz.

- Includes Lid, Tank, Charcoal Filter, Adapter, Water Shut-Off (Tool Kit Sold Separately)


General Description about Mercury Recovery Vacuum Systems

• Specially adapted critical filter vacuum systems for the recovery of elemental mercury and mercury contaminated particulates and liquid materials.

• Modular 4 element system allows user tailoring to fit any application.

• The MRS Series features a charcoal filter for eliminating toxic vapors during the clean-up process.

• Static lift - 110"(2794 mm), CFM - 115 cu. ft. (3.25m3)min, 1480 watts

• Electric Cable - 16-3/50 ft. (15m)

• Wheels - front wheels 3"(8 cm), rear wheels 8" (20 cm)

• MRS-3 is 99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns with U.L.P.A. filter.


Key Features:

  • Extremely portable, highly maneuverable
  • U.L.P.A. filters are 99.999% effective at 0.12 microns
  • Charcoal Filter for the elimination of toxic vapors during clean-up process
  • Each model contains a large capacity activated carbon filter
  • Unique modular 4-element system that allows user-tailoring to fit almost any need
  • Tool kit, which will handle most clean-up jobs, is included

Minuteman Mercury Recovery Vacuum System C84015-01- 15 Gal

SKU: C84015-01
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