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Hospital Vacuum

Minuteman Hospital Vacuum with H.E.P.A., (57 lbs./36 kg) 115V, 50/60 Hz, 15 Gal.SSteel, Wet/Dry

Includes Lid, HEPA Filter, Tank, Cloth Bag, Water Shut-Off, Adapter (Tool Kit Sold Separately)


Hospital Vacuum


General Overview

  • Vacuum system to control contaminants in air and on surfaces; supports proper housekeeping procedures and infection control plan.
  • For use in any area housing immunosuppressed, high-risk patients.
  • Collects and contains fungal, biological, lead, mold, asbestos, bacterial, or any other infectious material.
  • Bio-Terrorism Preparedness
  • Joint Commission Readiness


Key Features:

  • Wet/Dry, four stage filtration system includes filter protector, washable cloth filter, pre-filter, and HEPA filter
  • HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient at .3 microns,tested in accordance with IEST-RP-CC007 standards.
  • Rugged design, easy to maneuver stainless steel tank with heavy cast aluminum wheel assembly.
  • Patented self-sealing/quick release intake mechanism.
  • Indicator light on lid assembly alerts operator when filters require servicing
  • Lid design protects motor from water damage, diffusing air alongside the tank for less disruption of ambient particulate matter resulting in a safer work environment
  • Convenient 50’ power cord.
  • Each unit includes packages of replacement disposable filters



Minuteman Hospital Wet Dry Vacuum with H.E.P.A. C81415-01, 15 Gal

SKU: C81415-01
  • Shipping

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  • Tools & Accesories

    470200 27" Wide Area Squeegee, Stainless Steel

    490002-1 30C Tool Kit - for use w/X-1000, Dry Only

    490003-1 30D Tool Kit - for use with X-1000 and MX-1000, Wet/Dry Applications

    490022-1 20D Tool Kit ,Dry

    490024-1 20E Tool Kit Wet/Dry

    805057 Cloth Filter Bag Assembly with Frame

    110028PKG Pre Filter Sleeves (6/pkg)

    805038PKG Paper Filter Protector Bag (12/pkg) 

    760598PKG Paper Filter Collection Bag (10/pkg) for use with optional down tube #390016

    110038 Filter Assembly - replacement

    110901 Adapter, Stainless Steel

    110408 Water Shut-Off

    390111 Plug for Aluminum Intake

    390016 Down Tube - for use with Paper Filter Collection Bag (15 gallon vacuum - only)

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